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The individual key labels were etched instead of printed, meaning they won’t wear off over time.The keyboard tray exhibited zero flex under strong pressure, indicating excellent support from below.Everything about this system is aimed to please school administrators, from being simple to repair to being easy to store at the end of the day when school’s let out.The body of the Mini 100e is made of a durable plastic that seems like it would be more at home on a rugged notebook instead of a netbook.The hinges themselves were very strong, completely without wobble, and held the screen firmly shut when the system was closed.Even the keyboard keys seemed to be a step above what was found on standard notebooks, with an etched label for each symbol instead of just being printed on the surface of the keys.With our Gossen Mavo light meter we measured a peak brightness of 207 nit and an average contrast ratio of 140:1.The screen featured a matte finish which helps to reduce glare in most conditions, although it wasn’t enough for using the system outdoors, as the screen wasn’t powerful enough to overcome the sun’s light.

Peak volume levels were fine for listening to presentations or You Tube videos, but if you plan on enjoying music or a movie, connecting headphones is the preferred method.Users looking to type long documents or view some newer webpages might be in for additional horizontal scrolling, but nothing that you wouldn’t find on other similar netbooks.The screen was easily viewable under bright florescent office lights, even with the brightness turned down slightly.The HP Mini 100e is the latest education-oriented netbook to hit the market, aimed solely at schools and skipping the standard consumer channels.This model features a unique clam shell design with integrated handle and a very rugged body.

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