Actors from slumdog millionaire dating

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The lives of Rubina Ali — who played Latika — and Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail –who played the younger Salim — took a dramatic turn when they were selected from among 300 children of India’s slum area, Mumbai’s Garib Nagar, reports Scoop Whoop.

Meanwhile, Ayush Mahesh Khedekar — who was seen as little Jamal Malik — was already acting in TV serials and commercials when he got his big break.

Overnight, the nine actors were thrust into the limelight, despite having never acted before (lead actor Dev Patel was the only exception with But just as the spotlight faded, disturbing allegations arose about the young actors' situations.Due to the backlash, Ismail and Ali, who were initially each paid £1,700 and £500 for their work (around ,833 and 3), organized a reunion for the six younger actors.All of them are in school — while some want to continue acting, others are looking at other professional careers.Well, his transformation has been baffling; we cannot help but share the same with you. The 2008 lead actor Dev Patel was a dorky boy-next-door who was also dating his lead actress Freida Pinto and the couple was in a relationship for six years until they called quits in 2014. Well, we cannot decide what’s bad – the unflattering fit or the shoes or the sheer discomfort on his face! Lion seemed to have waved some sort of magic wand transforming this dorky boy-next-door into a handsome hunk-next-door with a beefy look, long, unruly hair and the snazzy beard!

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