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Adult cinema-goers, however, will be thrilled, partly because of the visuals, partly because of the spry script, but mostly thanks to the vocal cast: Idris Elba as Shere Khan; Christopher Walken as King Louis; Scarlett Johansson as a female Kaa.Every word delivered by these knowing actors sounds fecund.That puts The Jungle Book in a different category to Disney’s most recent hit, the rigorous, provocative Zootropolis.The quest to become one of the popular kids can seem like the most important thing to a teenager.I once took my daughter to a movie that was so terrifying it made her vomit. Another wanted to know if pythons can really swallow children whole and, on hearing the answer, gulped.The group of 11-year-olds I took to this screening leapt around as if attached to electrodes but emerged just the right side of hysterical. The most nervous member of the group whispered, with only a hint of reproach: “Even the monkey was scary.” Jon Favreau’s offering won’t win over Kipling purists (it borrows Kipling’s term for fire, “red flower”, but not much else).These big-bellied guys all indulge in what you might call emotional eating.

But people who achieve it are often less happy and experience dissatisfaction with their lives (stock image)In millennials, status can be marked by Facebook likes, Twitter retweets and Instagram shares, but this does not necessarily confer likeability.

It’s been described as a “Heart of Darkness for kids”. Disney’s live-action/CGI reboot of their own, Kipling-inspired animated classic sees orphan hero Mowgli (Neel Sethi) menaced by a series of carnivorous CGI animals — namely a tiger, orangutan and snake.

And, thanks to computer wizardry, the threat of extermination feels realer than real.

And how we go about seeking popularity can have a profound influence on our happiness and health.

He explores these concepts in his book 'Popular: The Power of Likability in a Status-Obsessed World', out tomorrow.

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