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I have only one purpose in calling my Aspergers a disability and that is to get the medical, mental, and financial, help I need (which I can't get if there is "nothing wrong with me"). He definitely has aspergers and was diagnosed at a young age.

The only reason for that is having finally fallen apart (long long term Autism burnout) from having been forced into the life of a neurotypical since my birth.• Anonymous said… Thank God for people like him, because we surely have plenty of problems that need solved.• Anonymous said… In his heart he cares about people, wants to be a wonderful, providing husband/stepfather, and he is doing just that. My 23 yr old is funny, and loves her cats like they were her children. And different ways of solving problems.• Anonymous said…

I see patterns where others see only chaos.• Anonymous said… We were married June 4th of this year, he is amazing. I'm always learning something about their view and take on the world, and their quirks. She's really good at ordering bookcases full of books. Her problem solving often comes in totally from left field, I love that about her. My husband has the benefits and I wish I were more like him in some ways.

I feel them, especially with all this streotype culture going around while most being so busy therefore not having enough time even for a second subsequently which gets worse there are people poorly educated about people with Autism because they fail to understand that people with Autism have a mind of their own! I know that my boyfriend is the first man I’ve dated that can communicate with me in a way that really registers with me more than anyone else.Having a person with Asperger’s in your life can have a profound and positive impact on your beliefs, perceptions and expectations. Autism was discovered in 1944, around the same time 6 million Jews were slaughtered...The Aspie’s unique way of thinking is often both refreshing and enlightening. My 20 yr old son is the MOST amazing person I've ever known. Aspergers was discovered in 1981, the same year I was born. Being married only half a year, you might want to save your post and read it again 40 years from now. I'm a mum and drive and been a carer for mum but still get negativities back at me.“I’m so tired of hearing all the negatives about Asperger’s.Those of us with the disorder are often on the receiving end of prejudice – and often misunderstood.

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