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Blood cells in chronic fatigue syndrome patients are drained of energy, researchers have discovered.

The study has shed new light on the truth behind the condition, which has prompted uproar among the medical community in recent years.

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For the study, white blood cell samples were taken from 52 patients with CFS, sometimes referred to as myalgic encephalomyelitis.

One medical journal dedicated its entire August edition to ripping apart the 'unreliable' PACE trial, which was funded by taxpayers.

In response, three editors at the Journal of Health Psychology, who are all scientists, have resigned.

The researchers, which included Ph D student and sufferer Cara Tomas, found the CFS cells couldn't produce as much energy.

The study findings come after angry scientists threw cheap insults at each other regarding the 'flawed' results of a landmark £5 million British study on chronic fatigue syndrome.

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