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'Parts of her life were too heavy to come to terms with.She lied to be free.' Freedom was a big deal for Chanel.She gave us trousers for women, black as a fashion statement, fake pearls and the little black dress, but while Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel revolutionised women's fashion with her clean lines and unfettered simplicity, her own life was as messy and complicated as her signature style was uncluttered.

'Most people don't know Chanel came from such humble beginnings,' says Fontaine, 'and that without any intellectual or artistic education, she managed to fashion herself and shape her own destiny.But by cutting swathes out, it manages to dispense with some of the more unsavoury aspects of her life.After Capel's death, she embarked on affairs with the composer Igor Stravinsky and the Duke of Westminster, with some speculating that she might have become the Duchess had she been able to have children (she was rumoured to have undergone a botched abortion and motherhood and marriage always evaded her). But as the Germans marched into Paris in 1940, Chanel closed down her fashion house and ensconced herself in the Ritz, embarking on an ill-advised affair with the Nazi intelligence officer Hans Gunther von Dinklage.'She was very thin, anorexic almost, and although men found her funny, they didn't think more of her.But she knew she had to sleep with Balsan to get anywhere, which was revolutionary for this period.' At Balsan's, she learned to ride horses like a man (giving rise to her trademark androgynous style and her love of sportswear as fashion) and to reject the elaborate, corseted fashions of the time in favour of creating simple sack dresses.

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