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I don't think I'm any better-looking, but that perhaps people have gotten bolder! After trying the sites for a short time, I am retiring my accounts for a while. I know a bunch of happily married people who met their better halves online, but I don't have the energy, heart, or time right now to make it work like they did — to weed through the foot-slave applications to find a prince.

My co-worker nudged me toward one very popular dating site after meeting her husband on there, so I gave it a shot. I made it out on one single date and never went out with him again. It was a great experience, though, because I put myself out there, and besides, he was a nice seemingly normal single dad and not a serial killer.

Boy, I was not ready for the online dating world that I was greeted with.It's your turn to get out there and make time for you.The kids are getting a little older, you're getting a little wiser, and now’s the best time to experience one of the best single parent dating sites.Call me naive, call me blond (I am, proudly and naturally), or call me stupid, but while it's more popular to date online now than back before I got married, it also seems a little crazier.Here's what I found as a newbie in the online world again.

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