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For one day, focus on all of the ways you are receiving love from so many different sources. Xo, Nicole PS: Are you wondering what happened with my boyfriend? On that particular day, he wasn’t paying attention to what date it was (he rarely does) so he didn’t realize that the day of my birthday had come up already.The day after, focus on GIVING as much love as you possibly can. When I finally let him know it was my birthday, he was in tears (he’s a super sensitive guy) and sent me six messages and videos apologizing and sending kisses to my heart.He asked me how I was doing and how it was going with my guy. What I realized in that moment is love is NEVER missing, it’s only our perception that makes us think it is. When we focus on ove and being open to receiving love in all its forms, love is what we will feel.I started to tear up as I told him it was my birthday and that he had forgotten it. Here I was receiving flowers from a man on my birthday after all. Are you suffering right now because you think you don’t have love from one special person in your life?She's far more cautious (and far less intuitive) than you are and basically needs a lot more research to get comfortable with making a commitment. I'm also 11 years older than her which also seems to fit what i have read here. She is sooooo much fun to be around and i hope the stars play out in our favor.On the flip side of this, if you're patient you'll have a very dedicated partner, who you can probably already tell would never even consider cheating. im capricorn women an all this is true all of it we are worth the wait....My friend hugged me and said, “Will you come with me for a second? If so, I invite you to try out an exercise I recommend to my clients called “looking for evidence of love.” Instead of focusing on the love that you think is missing right now, start focusing on all of the ways you are already loved right now.I want to show you something.” I followed him and he stopped in front of the flowers section. Maybe it’s your mom, your friends, your kids, your coworkers, the sunshine warming your shoulders, or even the guy at Starbucks giving you a free latte.

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Some days she is so loving and the next its like she does not want you there and the mood swings is hard to work out. I guess as a Libra man I needed some feedback and I don't like to waste time (life's too short) She never admitted her feelings for me... One thing i have noticed is patience is needed and it seems that is a reoccurring theme throughout this site. like I've been waiting for her my entire adult life.

But have known each other and been close friends for about 2 years.

Im a capricorn woman and i feel that your just gonna have to be patient.

She teaches women how to fall in love with themselves, create amazing lives and shift their mindsets so they can finally create the love and life they desire.

Nicole received her Life Coaching Certification from NYU.

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