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Some viewers guessed the man could be a member of the mythical Mante tribe, who are said to be forest dwellers.

The motorcyclists were travelling down the track when they saw the bald man leap out of the trees.

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In the next episode of our podcast series, ranger Kate Martin visits Beddgelert in Wales.

Since being released on March 22, the video has been watched more than two million times.

There are thought to be seven tribes who still live in the northern province of Aceh.

The group, who practice Islam, also use shamens to ensure they enjoy good harvests.

It could be a young woman from your neighbourhood, maybe the daughter of a friend, or the girl next door.The small tribe were also recognised as hunters and guerrilla warriors when the Dutch held Indonesia in the 19th century.When you hear about human trafficking in the sex trade, most people have an image of women being smuggled into Canada from abroad and forced to work in seamy brothels.A couple of the motorcyclists venture into the bushes to try and see where the 'tribesman' went and find the large stick he was carrying.Some viewers think that the mysterious man is a member of a lost pygmy tribe in Indonesia.

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