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Why did they put us through so much for it to end this way? So my sad story is that I'm adopted, only it's not so sad because I loved my parents, God rest. related to the Halliwell sisters for a minute, but their Mom died a long time ago, so I gave up on that. You were trying to get yourself killed, which is what this family does best is get killed. All right, but if I tell you all about Paige and you use it against me, I will get out my voodoo doll and make you sorry you're a man. And although we certainly had our struggles…Old Piper: (50 years later, finishes reading the Book of Shadows to her granddaughter) …and heartaches over the years, we’re a family of survivors and we will always be. I told myself that things would be different, that we would take it slow. It must mean we're supposed to do something about it. I only wish that I can burn all of your kind with you! (Phoebe laughs at Prue's sarcasm)Prue: Don't even bother trying to orb out. You see, you didn't just get the powers of a Whitelighter, but you get their vulnerability too. Phoebe: That's because nobody makes it past the threshold Prue. Ya know, something for the mom-to-be who kicks some ass upon occasion? And B, you need to start taking care of yourself because you've actually been working harder than when you were working.

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Of course you can handle being the Goddess of Love. Which in this case would be Piper feeling what you're feeling Piper should be feeling... Now they must vanquish evil and save innocents while living their lives as normal women in the real world. In Season 4, half-sister Paige Matthews took over for the dearly departed Prue (Shannen Doherty), to once again form the Charmed Ones and fight evil and save innocents. You're mad he's alive, you're mad that I tried to find him, and you're mad that I moved back. (several shelves collapse, and Prue and Phoebe burst out laughing)Prue: No. The thing I'm talking about will just sneak up on you (snaps his fingers in front of Leo's face) and destroy your marriage if you're not careful. Leo: I love her with all my heart, and I promise to keep loving her and taking care of her for the rest of this life, the afterlife and whatever comes after that. I kept thinking 'What is it that makes him so indestructible? ' so I came up with a potion that makes me invisible long enough so I can get past it, say a spell and blow him up from the inside! Starring Holly Marie Combs as Piper, Alyssa Milano as Phoebe and Rose Mc Gowan as Paige. Now you may not support it, and you may not agree with it, but it is not going to stop me from marrying your daughter today. Leo: Piper, through all the tears and struggles, I always knew in my heart that we'd make it here. Paige: And you, you're not La Femme Nikita, you're a Charmed One. I promise to love and respect you from this point forward as your husband, as my wife, my lover, my friend, and my soul mate. Piper: Leo, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Yeah, you don't mind kicking ass when you have to, but otherwise you'd rather be hanging out with your sisters, baking cookies, or knitting booties. I was afraid that you were too good to be true, that maybe I didn't deserve someone so pure and beautiful and loving as you are. Phoebe: (strides forward and looks him straight in the eye) Look, the only one getting anything out of this is you. The only reason I'm still here is to make sure that what happened to Prue does not happen to Piper, and you know it! And you inspired me to fight and you made the world a safer place for our baby...

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