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We then investigate the spatio-temporal diffusion of rural-to-urban and international movements using survival models.

Based on the retrospective data from the Albanian Living Standards Measurement Survey 2008, we first assess the geography of migration in terms of the rural–urban continuum, the urban hierarchy and the outside world since 1990.Urbanization driven by rural-to-urban migration sustains socioeconomic development in less developed and transition countries through agglomeration economies and improved access to public services (World Bank ), sustained outflows may drain a country’s labor force and development potential.These internal and international movements (hereafter also referred to as out-/in-migration and e-/immigration, respectively) have been studied intensively but independently from each other, and mainly in rural areas.However, the government denied its people the right to emigrate and restrained rural-to-urban migration.In 1989, two-thirds of the 3.2 million inhabitants still lived in rural and mountainous areas (Lerch and basic sanitary infrastructure was lacking in most cities.

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