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The fortune teller will use various things such as names, birth dates, and time of birth to analyze compatibility.

If all goes well, the couple will set a date for their marriage.

The footage now circulating online with nearly 7 million social media views shows the husband-to-be first strapped to a tree barely clothed.

The footage shows he is unable to move as his back faces the crowd of bemused onlookers - which included his parents.

Inscribed with a poem that bemoans the absence of a worthy judge of horses, the painting is a thinly veiled lament that expresses the artist's feelings of being misunderstood and unappreciated: I happened to see a painting of foreign horses by a man of the Yuan dynasty.

I made a copy of it while a guest and inscribed a poem: Bathed three times in the Dragon Pool, yearly they galloped out, With futile ambition they rushed to respond to their lord's will.

Jin's paintings of horses, dated examples of which all come from 1760–61, are a poignant expression of his frustrated political ambitions, as he makes clear in his accompanying poems, which draw upon the well-established metaphor that an aptitude for recognizing fine horses was akin to an ability to judge and select men for government service.

Reports said he was smothered in the toxic white powder but luckily very much alive.Guests are not invited to the exchanging of vows, so the reception is the first time they see the couple.In the old days, marriages and weddings were worked out by families, following rules laid out by ancient traditions.Traditional Chinese wedding invitations are typically red and placed within a red envelope.Unlike the red envelopes used to give gifts of money, wedding invitation envelopes are typically wider and longer.

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