Compensated dating in the us

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The case There are dozens of schools scattered in Shanghai Hongkou District, various brand of motel chain also operated in this business circle.

Schools, hotels and various “love business” chain intertwine here.

Social worker said young girls in enjo-kosai thought they had the freedom to pick clients therefore they did not picture themselves as prostitutes, and these young girls also over-estimated their problem solving abilities, such that their situations was similar to people with drug problem.

From the operation, 20 girls, aged between 13 to 16 were found, of which some had disappearing records.

Chung Chi-Ming said that compensated dating girls came from broken families, eager to be care, even embellished prostitution into normal social activities, “the words they often say are: We are not chickens, just compensated dating”.

Wu Wing-ying (right) says compensated dating is not school-category specific, “Even if a student studies well, her moral and values may not be correct, and will love to make quick bucks for brand names as well” A survey found that nearly five percent of secondary school respondents said they would involve in enjo-kosai, of which 2% came from (Band 1) secondary schools.

There was a case in which a Band 1 17-years-old secondary school girl, who engaged in enjo-kosai for fun and quick money, recognized the consequences of enjo-kosai after contracting a sexually transmitted diseases.

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