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They constantly speak in terms of "we" or "us," rather than "I" or "me." People often confuse collaboration with friendship, but they are not the same thing.

While getting along is important to both kinds of relationships, if you team up with a buddy whose strengths do not complement your own, don't be surprised if you find yourselves being more social than successful.

Many observers of a two-person team want to know which of them is the real reason for their success, failing to understand that neither is the complete equation.

The polymath myth A pernicious idea works its way through classrooms, into corporate training departments, and even around the dinner table in many homes.

In the end, 23 statements made the cut to become part of the Gallup Partnership Rating Scales.

Three of these statements emerged as the most important for determining how well your abilities mesh with those of your collaborator: Survey participants rated their level of agreement with each of the statements on a scale from 1 ("strongly disagree") to 5 ("strongly agree").

Before you can forge a successful alliance, you must understand what you bring to the combination, and equally important, what you don't.

Collaboration is more than doubling up -- more than just twice the oxygen or twice the acetylene.

Through repeated waves of surveying, we asked thousands of randomly selected adults to identify a successful partnership and a failed one (outside of their family).One consistently sees the potential; the other routinely sees the risks.One generates ideas; the other puts them into production.Several decades ago, a junior high shop teacher wanted to impress upon his new students the dangers of the oxyacetylene torch. "Now this time, I am going to fill the balloon with acetylene," he said. "You've seen what happens to each of these elements separately. The best happen when you and someone who has strengths that complement yours join forces and focus on a single goal."Pay attention, class," he said, pulling a balloon from his pocket and holding it to the nozzle of the torch. Following the same procedure, he made a short flare as the fuel caught fire. Now let me show you what happens when I put them together." He repeated the procedure a third time, opening the valves for the oxygen and the acetylene as the balloon grew larger. Was it the oxygen or the acetylene that caused the explosion? Your strengths cancel out your partner's weaknesses, and vice versa.

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