Dating a man with a wandering eye

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"When your partner is looking at other people more than he or she normally does, and there’s that extra beat where you see he or she is waiting for eye contact with that other person, you’re with someone who’s looking for more — from others (not you)," Relationship Expert April Masini tells Bustle.

"It’s completely normal for all of us to appreciate attractive people, but when there’s more of it going on than usual, and it’s a little more intense than usual, your partner wants to be with other people."If your partner is looking to date other people, they might start to ask you about who you find attractive, as if trying to open up a dialogue and see where your head might be at on the subject.

Even if your marriage manages to survive, at the very least the lurking will weaken the foundation of your marriage and rob your wife of your full captivation. The third line of defense is to heighten your alert. Our hero, Dweebman, steps into a nearby public rest room.

Without hesitation, you’d step up to the door and stand erect, ready to confront the threat. Starve this attraction by bouncing your eyes (which means to “build a reflex action by training your eyes to immediately bounce away from the sexual, like the jerk of your hand away from the hot stove”). If she works with you, and the two of you are assigned to the same project, don’t ask her to eat lunch with you or offer her a ride home.

If you’re attracted to a woman, it doesn’t mean you may never again have any sort of relationship or friendship with her.

It only means you must enact your defense perimeters.

"Don't underestimate the power of direct conversation, it does wonders for any type of relationship! At the end of the day, it always comes back to communication.Once you’ve starved the attractions and she’s a safe distance away, you can have a proper relationship, one that is honoring to your wife and to the Lord.This book shares the stories of dozens who have escaped the trap of sexual immorality. Sometimes this isn’t possible, but do it when you can.He emerges as the polyester-clad enemy of all things flirtatious and hip. If a woman smiles with a knowing look, learn to smile with a slightly confused look, to un-smile.

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