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4,is there a criteria a child has to meet before they receive help?? The first thing to note is that it is questionairre based and focuses mainly on the opinions of teachers which may or may be quite well formulated therefore bias the results towards their views.

Sorry this is much later than asked but I just came across the question and thought I would comment.

Energy minister Peter Walker, in preparing a brief on the UDM for Thatcher, stressed that he and junior whip David Hunt “have done everything in our power to be of assistance to the UDM”.

Similarly, Robert Haslam, chairman of the taxpayer-owned National Coal Board, stressed the important role the UDM played in reshaping post-strike industrial relations, telling Walker: “There is indeed a great advantage to us in the continuance of the UDM so long as we have anything like the present NUM leadership." The UDM was clearly being rewarded for cooperating with the Thatcher government.

Only 25% of the questions are for parents/carers and the only thing for the child is a self-esteem question section.

It was smaller than the NUM but had at least some members in virtually every pit in the country, representing between a fifth and a third of the total workforce at various points before privatisation.

For many NUM supporters and Scargill loyalists, the UDM will always be a “scab” union – a byword for betrayal.

This followed nearly three decades of pit closures, each one declared too uneconomical to keep open – a drain on public finances that the Thatcher and John Major governments believed the taxpayer would not tolerate.

Significant divisions remain in former mining towns in the UK.

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