Dating french china

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Then the three zones became the Federal Republic of Germany, or West Germany. AG—Aktiengesellschaft; joint stock company (German) Aluminite—high-fired porcelain developed in 1900, used for oven-to-table cookware (French) Brevete—patented (French), used as early as 1820 Cie—company (French) Decore a la main—hand-decorated (French) Decore par—decorated by (French) Dep—depose; registered (French) Deponiert—registered (German) Depose—registered (French) Eingetragen muster—registered design (German) Eneret—monopoly or privilege, the same as patented (Danish) Fabrique par—manufactured by (French) Fayence—faience (German) Fils—son (French) Firenze—Florence, Italy Flammefest—flame resistant (German) Flintporslin—creamware (Swedish) Gebruder (Gebr.)—brothers (German) Ges.—protected (German) Geschutzt—protected (German) Gesellschaft—corporation (German) Gesetzlich—by law or legally (German) GMBH—Gesellschaft mit beschrankte Haftung; limited liability company (German) Grand feu—high temperature, name for a ceramic fired at a high temperature (French) Gres—stoneware (French) Hochfein—super fine (German) Hochfeine qualitat—finest quality (German) Keramische—ceramic (German) KG—Kommanditgesellschaft, limited partnership (German) Mikrowellen—microwave safe (German) Musterschutz—protected against copying (German) Plateelbakkery—pottery factory (Dutch) Porcelaine fabrique—porcelain factory (French) Porzellanfabrik—porcelain factory (German) Porzellanwerke—porcelain works (German) Registered—registered design or process (England) SA—Societe Anonyme (French), limited liability company S.

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The heat of the water will not injure the decoration or ceramic. Made in—1887 and after: English law required imported wares to be marked with these words and the country name. National Brotherhood of Operative Potters—1940-1955 United States Potters Union members were employed at the factory.

Nippon—1891-1921 as a country name, sometimes after 1891 as part of a company name it's the Japanese name for Japan.

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Oven tested—ca.1935: The ceramic has been tested and is safe for use in an oven.Patent pending—1940-present: A patent has been applied for in the United States but not yet granted. Off.—ca.l932-present: Registered United States Patent Office. Reg., Rd, Registered, with a number—1884-present: The English designation that indicates a design or process has been registered.Patented—1900-current: A patent has been granted by the United States Patent Office. Registry mark, diamond shaped—1842-1883: The English designation that indicates a design or process has been registered. Royal—after 1850 (Royal Crown Derby, 1876; Royal Doulton, 1902; Royal Worcester, 1862): The word "Royal" was used as part of many English marks.The earliest we have seen the whole word used is 1892.Copyright reserved—after 1876 a legal term used on English wares. 1960-1970 The glaze will not develop fine lines or cracks with normal wear.

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