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After an unspecified amount of time, Kohath's grandson Moses (Ex.

-20) was called by the Lord to deliver the Israelites.

(Yes I will do this for you, but you may have to spend the whole time teaching me how to play! Go to the store and pick out enough random greeting cards to cover you for the year. Birthday, Thank You, Mother’s & Father’s Day, and anniversaries. If you could re-do anything from the past what would it be? What are some of your happiest memories from your childhood?

Go see a standup comedian (make sure they are clean! Go check out a play station game and play it together. Take turns guessing what the other person is drawing. Record something now because you never know when the chance will be gone. Here are some questions that you can try: What was your home town like How well did you get along with your siblings, parents, and teachers? There is always something romantic about standing under an umbrella together. Here is the list: What to wear “T” What to eat “O” Visit a place “M” Activity “A” Discussion topic “T” Treat “O” 31.

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So I searched the internet for fun ideas and came up with my own list of my favorite ideas.

Random word date- At the start of your date ask your partner to come up with a random word.

The date of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt at the time of Moses has been a subject of uncertainty and controversy for centuries.

The Bible indicates that it was about 1400-1500 BC but many modern scholars have placed it about 1200 BC based on Egyptian chronology.

Thus, even the century in which it occurred has been uncertain.

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