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He was followed by one of Newcomb Pottery's most recognized potters, Joseph Meyer, in 1896.

Notably, George Ohr was hired as a potter at approximately the same time as Joseph Meyer, but Ohr left Newcomb to work on his own sometime in 1897.

Perhaps one of the most famous Newcomb Pottery designs, the "Moon & Moss" style was introduced in this period.

While most Newcomb pieces do have a registration number, some pieces, particularly earlier ones that were glazed but not otherwise decorated, do not.

Meyer stayed with the Pottery until his retirement in 1927.

He was replaced by Jonathan Hunt in 1927 and later Kenneth Smith in 1929.

However, the Newcomb Guild proved to be less popular than the earlier program and it effectively ended with Sadie Irvine's retirement in 1952.

The Smithsonian Institution put forward a traveling exhibition of Newcomb College Pottery that ran from October 2013 to October 2016.

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This Dictionary of Beads is a labor of love and a work in progress.Among the first persons to be hired by the Woodwards to assist with the new pottery program were the potters.Unlike the artists who created and carved the designs for the Pottery, the potters were all men, as it was believed that a "male potter would be needed to work the clay, throw the pots, fire the kiln and handle the glazing." The first potter hired was Jules Garby in 1895.After Hunt left the Pottery in 1933, he was replaced by Francis Ford.Both Smith and Ford stayed with the Newcomb Pottery program through its termination in 1940.

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