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The average age of female respondents was 33; male, 38. Sure, appearance counts — 51 percent of women said they wouldn’t date someone too short — but it turns out people aren’t as finicky as expected.

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I can’t stand when guys take a bunch of pictures of themselves making angry faces, duck faces, have their chin pointed all the way up in the air, or worse yet wearing sunglasses or ski gear so that I can’t even see their face.And if they are in a gang, well then I’m not interested anyway. If that’s what these guys are looking for, do all of us serious daters a favor and stop looking for it on sites meant for dating. Afraid To Send A Message: You gotta love these dating websites and the cute little ways they’ve created for their members to tell each other that their “interested”. Now I have to say, this is something that has been limited to free dating websites.I’m sure these guys can find what they’re looking for on a different website. “Meet Me At My Place”: Ok, so I’m a young woman meeting guys for dates after having chatted with them online or through text for a short time. And fyi, he wasn’t even a doctor, he was a dental student. You can “wink”, “favorite”, “like”, “show interest” and even say you want to meet the person. So why is it that people are willing to hit all of these little buttons on the website, but they can’t write an actual message to someone consisting of a grammatically correct sentence of more than five words? I’m pretty sure paid sites would not approve such a profile. Not only is this annoying because it makes it impossible to find out about a person, but it shows a lack of seriousness in the entire online dating process.As Hello Giggles report, these are the most basic things to avoid on a first date. No phones at the table if you’re meeting them for the first time.Get used to staring at the screen if this sounds like you, that second date text will probably never come. Put some effort into the conversation Engaging in conversation isn’t easy, we get that.

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