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Slovenia has supported Croatia's entry in the European Union, but has at times demanded that the opened bilateral questions be resolved before Croatia's accession to the Union. Unlike with some of Hungary's other neighbors, minority issues have not been a problem in Hungarian-Slovene relations.

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Differences, many of which stem from Yugoslavia's time, have been handled responsibly and are being resolved. Austria was, next to Germany and the Holy See, the most firm supporter of Slovenia's independence.

Within the Multilateral Cooperation Initiative between Slovenia, Italy, Hungary, and Croatia, cooperation exists in numerous fields, including military (Multinational Land Force peacekeeping brigade), transportation, combating money laundering and organized crime, non-proliferation, border crossings, and environmental issues.

The bilateral relations between Italy and Slovenia have improved dramatically since 1994 and are now at a very good level.

Italy was a firm supporter of Slovene EU and NATO membership, helping Slovenia technically and legislatively master its bid for membership in European and transatlantic institutions.

In 2001, the Italian Parliament finally approved the legislation resolving the last open issues regarding the Slovenian minority in Italy.

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