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These speakers know that regardless of your age, dating has changed from 20, 10, or even 5 years ago.They have solutions for today’s modern dating dilemmas, and they’ll share them with you.After watching the DVD and going out with Dave and Alan's mindset, using some of Badboy's techniques and some of Sasha's funny material, I was doing things like grabbing a girls ass at the bar within a few minutes of talking to her, going for a kiss within 5 minutes of talking to girl after barely having said anything to her, grabbing girls and spinning them around as an opener, whispering to girls about sexual stuff I want to do to them in the middle of a conversation, and more. Being direct works, and this is a great DVD to kick-start you into the direct mindset. It really gets to the bottom of being "Direct" when talking to women, and what being direct really is.This program will change your beliefs and current views on Direct Game if you haven't already heard much about David X's or Alan Roger Currie's material before.

Although I agree Yad, Beckster and Marcus are not direct, it's still good to have extra material and have their perspective.

This program is intended for men who want unlimited options with women.

It is designed to help you overcome your fears and approach women with ease for a stronger sexual connection.

Their mindset is so clear, straightforward and makes so much sense!

After watching their stuff (and you get a LOT of material from them - over 3 hours from each! I went out with a lot of enthusiasm at night with things to try out.

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