Galaxy of the dating

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So, not only is it the galactic capital, it's sort of the yardstick through which all time is measured in the galaxy., a standard day is 24 standard hours, and a standard year is 365 standard days: It's unknown how, or if, this would have changed after the collapse of the Empire, when Coruscant ceased to be the capital of the galaxy; it seems unlikely that something like this would change, but you never know.An artist’s conception of a black hole generating a jet.

IMO, "not necessary" does not help anyone understand what was removed and the cause for doing so.

"What astronomers call a Seyfert flare." Scientists studying the galactic center came together at a workshop at Stanford University in California earlier this year.

While at the workshop, Professor Bland-Hawthorn realized the Stream could be holding the memory of the galactic center's past.

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