Girl only nudist camp

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The other visitors were two couples, one in their 20s, the other in their 40s.We were all wearing the only permitted wardrobe: hat, shoes, and towel."), and I found a club within a few hours drive of Washington, D. I phoned Hidden Bush and said I would like to come for a solo visit (the club allows couples and single women as visitors but not lone men), and was told an upcoming Saturday would be particularly good because there would be a tropical-themed dinner that evening.

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So they helped convince her of the wholeness of the lifestyle,also.

To prepare myself, I had done some reading at various nudist Web sites.

The theme that emerged was that as the gate to a nudist club closed behind me, more than my clothes would fall away.

I would shed the burdens of my normal life and the hierarchical status-consciousness that clothes enforce.

I would experience a relaxation so profound by being around lots of other naked people that my vacation would have double the stress relief of a regular vacation.

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