Girl stripping chat rooms updating svn

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If they instructed me to use a condom, I’d ask them if they’d heard of bodily autonomy, and if they told me what to charge, I’d probably point out that they don’t know shit about my circumstances or what I’m doing, and ask why the hell they think they know better than me what I should be doing, how I should be doing it, and how much I should be charging. You’re not better or wiser than the extras girl, non-extras-providing-worker. Reply I found this article very problematic as well, and I’m just solicited submissions from a person who was proud of offering extras to provide another perspective.

I’m not a stripper, I’m an escort, but if someone offered me “a guide” to what I do, I’d tell them where to go. But she let me take my dick out,” is, additionally, appallingly victim-blaming.

I think everyone reading Tits and Sass agrees that there’s nothing wrong with hooking and that there’s not some great moral chasm between simulating sex (what strippers do) and having sex (what hookers do). It didn’t bother me because I didnt feel pressured to do it, and it didn’t devalue my 3 for 0 booth dances that made up my income. Additionally, my club isn’t equipped and ready to deal with body fluids.

Reply “dirty club” is stripper slang for a club where extras take place.

extras being sex acts that are against club rules, and also illegal.

Customers feel like a dance isn’t even with anymore , when they can get a blow job for the same price. Reply I think every sort of sex worker can see this conflict happening in any environment where sex workers work together, whether that be in a brothel, dungeon, or strip club.

Maybe you hang back and let us fluff a few gents before you pounce. Reply No one is being whorephobic, if u wanna be an escort KEEP IT OUT OF THE STRIP CLUB because it makes it hard for STRIPPERS to earn money.

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