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You need to be the primary emotional influence in her life, and you can’t do that if she’s leaning on anyone else for support.Gradually wean her from contact with anyone other than you.

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Girls skype that show nudes 2014-75

Lightly clasp your hand around her throat during sex like you’re going to choke her.One day, we were walking to a diner for lunch when this happened: GF: I think I’m gonna have the Big-Ass Burger. Think you’re getting a little thick around the middle. Matt: Oh c’mon, at least you’ll be warm in the winter.End result: she ordered a salad and a glass of water. Additionally, you should criticize your girl for , no matter how minor.If you’re worried about her getting fat, make an innocuous comment about how she’s getting “hefty” or “big.” Nothing she does can ever be good enough for you.When you’re chastising her, it’s paramount that you sound angry or whiny.

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