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4 writers from Fresh U HBCU have reflected on their favorite episode of ADW, how they feel about it being taken down on Netflix, and how the show has helped them with their experience at an HBCU.“My favorite episode of 'A Different World' is the "Ms.

Understanding" because it discusses the topic of A) black women dating outside of their race and B) sexism in the black community.

In this exclusive, personal interview with The Shadow League, Grevioux shares how his experiences with interracial dating inspired the making of and your interracial dating experience.

And in some areas of the country, interracial dating is still taboo. Obama’s in office as the product of an interracial marriage. Most science fiction is based upon allegory anyway.

'A Different World' is both a show I would like to see stay on Netflix and I show I believe is necessary to keep.

So many young black people today have not seen ADW. ADW helped convinced me to attend my HBCU for the right reasons.

The show spanned for six seasons and has been a positive representation of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, even to this day.

And it’s like, ‘You guys are idiotic to be fighting.’ But here you have this star crossed, doomed, forbidden love amidst this century spanning race war, that’s interesting.The unintentional vibration of chills he creates when initially speaking, are smoothed out by enunciation, clearly hitting syllables crisply like the certified diction-trained college graduate of Howard University that he is. Having lived across the country, including the suburbs of Minneapolis, Boston, and New Jersey, his Harvard educated parents encouraged him to actively pursue the heights of education.Majoring in microbiology, Grevioux sought his Master’s degree in genetic engineering with dreams of becoming a doctor. “I was gonna go for an internship at Howard’s hospital.And I was like, ‘Nah, this is not for me.’ Seeing some throw-up on the floor?It was like, ‘This is a nasty place to work,’” says the 6’2, linebacker sized giant. One is that whenever I see somebody throwing up on screen, I’m like, ‘You didn’t have to do that.

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