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We can respond through the power of the Holy Spirit in a way that would help meet their needs and overcome the weaknesses of our temperament. The Perfect Personality Jesus didn’t exhibit weaknesses of any of the temperaments, but he demonstrated all the strengths of all four temperaments. Not understanding their way of thinking will lead to assumptions and misunderstandings when they react out of their perspective of life, not your perspective.There are many different methods of testing for temperaments and personalities.When Larry and I were engaged, I thought my eyes were open to any weaknesses Larry might have.

There is considerable benefit to understanding each other’s personalities, to be sure.

But after we were married awhile, things began to change . Imagine my surprise when I found my compromising and flexible bride was no longer interested in making any changes. I’d never heard of the different temperaments when we were dating.

Although Kathy demonstrated versatility during that time, there were plenty of warning signs that popped up to reveal her desire to be perfect, but my love-blinded eyes just didn’t see them.

I didn’t know, though, that he would take that temperament characteristic and tell me how to stack the glasses in the kitchen cupboard. They understood how they could complement each other instead of looking at their differences as annoyances.

Nor did I expect him to comment on how much toilet paper or tissues I used in the bathroom. However, they still have moments when they forget what they learned!

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