Is dating a single mother bad

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However, due to the structure of the family, poverty rates may always be higher for single moms than for two-parent households.

Even though more single moms are working, the poverty rate for two-parent households was only 11 percent in 2009, whereas the poverty rate for single female heads of household was 44.3 percent.

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#Ebrahim Aseem She deserves a strong man who can shoulder that burden with her. Teach her child how a loving, healthy relationship looks by how he treats her with respect & faithful commitment. By: Ebrahim Aseem I had to watch my moms do all that alone growing up, as she chose to divorce my father, rather than be subjected to catering to a good man who’s not on her level of growth. Look, I know this is a lot of drama & I never wanted to involve you. But, if you never want to see me again, I understand.”“I’m not mad at you,” I assured her, “and I applaud all you do for your son. I’m happy you are telling me this now on our first date, before we started dating, and out of respect, I feel it is only fair to tell you that I don’t date single mothers.” a single mother, MARRY that single mother, make your intentions with her known by counting her first, or don’t even waste her time by “dating” her.” Men, if you’re not ready to faithfully commit to her, by all means, keep your substance-lacking side pieces & keep playing, but be honest with her.

My father, who died when I was young, taught me with actions to never sit & watch the mother of my children struggle to play the role that I as a MAN was put on this earth to play. Don’t hold back her blessings, playing a role another man is meant to have in her life, by making her his wife. A post shared by Ebrahim Aseem (@fuel4thebody) on I’m tired of seeing sweet women with beautiful children & no father in sight.

According to an article written by Susan Pollet, Esq.

published at the New York State Unified Court System website,, the amount of single parent families has tripled since 1960.

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