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While there is a lot of wild enjoyment to be had in Kill la Kill, it's also easy to disregard what makes this series so brilliant. It's not often that you come across an anime with a strong female lead that can not only stand up for herself, but also against tyranny and male counter parts. There’s a struggle within our current modern-day society to fit in with social norms.

Part of the genius behind Kill la Kill is the fact that the show itself is a parody of many overused tropes in recent anime. It’s tough to be that black sheep individual that goes about their own business without being judged by the majority, hence why we generally follow fashion trends, region-specific social etiquette, and so forth.

Characters feel like they fit into the show seamlessly and that can be hard to come by.As of late it seems that anime has been stuck in a rut of moe, harems, rom-coms with unrealistically dense male MC’s, and onii-chan/imouto obsessive garbage.Lately there's been a lack of courage to sack up, step outside of the box, and say, "Hey, let's try something new." After you peruse season after season of the same regurgitated genres you might find yourself wondering if anime has lost its way...Maybe I’m looking too much into it, or maybe I’m right.What’s great about Kill la Kill is that there isn't a right answer. While Ryuuko portrays big themes and intricate lessons woven into her character, it would be a crime to disregard the rest of the cast of the series.

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