Kristen alderson and nic robuck dating

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" Brier and her costar Chris Stack who portrayed Marcie's husband, Michael were about to leave the show, leaving fans to wonder if they would be taking Hope with them.

The reveal also coincides with Llanview High school's annual prom and Alderson revealed that Starr and Cole finally get the chance to be teenagers again.

"Your best friend and your boyfriend, the two people you hang out with most in your life, all of a sudden start hanging out together and you're not allowed to be with them or talk to them about it." In 2008, One Life to Live launched a storyline featuring Starr focusing on teen pregnancy as part of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

Despite disapproval from some fans — as well as Starr's father, Todd — Starr and Cole have sex for the first time in March 2008.

Kroll, Alderson described the plot as being "a very adult storyline…

It's a very big issue and we feel very honored to be doing such a powerful storyline and hopefully educate some viewers about teenage pregnancy because it's a very big issue and it [can be] scary." In January 2009, Soap Opera Digest conducted an interview with Amy Kramer, the director of Entertainment Media for the campaign.

Kramer discussed the campaign's history with ABC and also gave some facts about the storyline: Starr's decision to put the child up for adoption and the child's supposed "death" eventually drives the couple apart.

"She spills coffee on herself with Cole, and then Todd, my dad, walks in on the two of them.

The two had a child together (who they named Hope Manning-Thornhart) that was switched with Jessica Buchanan's deceased child.

The couple is often called "Sole" (for Starr and Cole).

"[Cole] was her best friend, and she wanted to be with him so bad.

Langston is her best friend, but at the same time, Cole was going through terrible times like Starr was." Starr knows she and Cole can't bet together because they both are dealing with their own individual issues, so she goes and finds someone else, Schuyler, and projects her feelings for Cole onto him.

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