Kristen renton dating

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But, she’s determined, and you’ve got to appreciate a girl with determination, for sure.

Kristen, have you had conversations with (show creator) Kurt Sutter about whether your character will somehow have a redemptive moment?

She recently enrolled in Penn State University, her parents’ alma mater, to obtain a degree in Psychology.

Fans also remember her as a series regular opposite Adam Brody and Johnny K.

Filmed on location in Bucharest, Romania, Kristen portrayed “Jennifer,” a family oriented and down-to earth-college student who arrives in Bucharest believing she is there to lay her grandmother to rest.

Chaos ensues after she realizes that she is at the center of a plot to keep a long blood line of ghouls alive and she is the missing link.

Lewis on MTV’s award-winning series, showcased Kristen in a coming-of-age story that went on to win a variety of awards, including “Best Motion Picture (Drama)” and “Best Feature Film (Drama)” at the International Family Film Festival.

The same year, Kristen made a memorable appearance as “Skye” in , the hit sci-fi/horror feature film for the Si Fi Network.

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