Liquidating real estate assets

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Back in January, Harvard's Endowment stunned the investing world when it announced that the investing vehicle which manages billion in assets, would undergo a "radical overhaul" in the way the world’s wealthiest school invests its money by outsourcing management of most of its assets and lay off roughly half the staff in the process. The endowment would also shut down its internal hedge funds and let go traders by the middle of the year.

As the WSJ reported at the time, about half of the 230 employees at Harvard Management Company would depart as part of a sweeping change by the university’s new endowment chief, N. Additionally, the internal team in charge of direct real-estate investments was expected to spin out into an independent entity that Harvard would invest with.

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Marshalling is the collecting of assets – selling real estate or personal property, transferring bank accounts in the estate account, liquidating stocks and other securities, and generally transferring all monies into the estate account.

The more SJWs the ivies churn out, the more they pollute their brand. Then there is Charlie India Alpha to do whatever is necessary for a premier Deep State feeder school. Maybe Harvard is having to rethink their financial picture because their alumni are fed-up with SJW's and are no longer giving money to their alma mater.Following the restructuring, only management of Harvard’s natural resources portfolio and passively managed exchange-traded funds will remain in house.So with this major overhaul taking place, it is hardly a surprise that the Harvard Endowment is quietly seeking to liquidate some .5 billion in private equity, venture capital and real estate investments, as Axios reported on Monday.According to Axios, unlike the last time Harvard tried to offload PE stakes under former HMC CEO Jane Mendillo, this time around secondary buyers are "flush with cash and Harvard can be choosy." And some trivia: if Harvard is successful at selling all the offered .5 billion in assets at NAV, it would be the largest endowment secondary sale of all time.Harvard- a hedge fund that also happens to run a school. They could make tuition ZERO for every student passing through their doors FOREVER and never run out of money.

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