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She put this down to a crisis in male identity and men struggling to conform to traditional stereotypes.She said: ‘There is quite a lot of pressure on men to be a certain way and they have more difficulty being themselves.Dear Amy: I was molested many times by my mother’s father when I was a child.He told me not to tell anyone because it would “kill grandma,” and so I never did. I am now 32, and in the past year I finally got the guts to come out as a survivor. Since coming out, I’ve shared stories and memes on Facebook about “killing child molesters.” Now my family has shunned me.The danger these days is posed by people being exposed too young to a certain type of sex and then they tend to think that is what sex is.’This naivety about the reality of sex is different to that of young people from previous generations who turned to agony aunts for advice.While it used to be driven by a lack of knowledge about sex, the problem is now that people are exposed to pornography, often depicting aggressive and violent sex, at too young of an age.Sex, Lies and Love Bites: The Agony Aunt Story interviews advice columnists, from Graham Norton to the women behind Jackie magazine’s Cathy and Claire, to looks at how these columns reflect society’s changing attitudes, especially towards sex.

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She said ‘it’s worse now, but I’m an old person so I would say that.’She highlighted one case that she encountered of a young man who was so addicted to pornography that he could no longer become aroused by women in real life.

She said this is not the only time she has come across this problem and that ‘it’s a huge problem in society.’Mrs Perry, who is also a trained psychotherapist, made the comments ahead of presenting a new documentary for BBC4, broadcasting tonight.

Perhaps your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchildren or neighbour needs advice.

The wife of Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry, 54, she said: ‘These days people educate themselves about sex usually by watching the freely available pornography.

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