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With the introduction of Merino sheep from Spain in 1807, the area became the center of woolen manufacturing in the United States, an industry that would dominate the community's economy for almost a century.The town was a bustling metropolis by the late 19th century.To this end, the club presently has facilities for golf, tennis, paddle tennis, squash, swimming, boating, fishing, sledding, tobogganing and cross-country skiing in addition to three dining rooms, a ballroom and general meeting rooms.From the beginning, the Country Club of Pittsfield has been a "family club" and today supports and encourages golf, tennis and swimming programs for juniors.The beginnings of the Country Club of Pittsfield date back to 1897 when a group of local men and women decided to become familiar with the game of golf.They rented land for the construction of a nine-hole course in a quadrangle bordered by Dawes Avenue, Holmes Road, William Street and Arlington Street.Thanks to the success of GE, Pittsfield's population in 1930 had grown to more than 50,000.While GE Advanced Materials (now owned by SABIC-Innovative Plastics, a subsidiary of the Riyadh-based Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) continues to be one of the city's largest employers, a workforce that once topped 13,000 was reduced to less than 700 with the demise and/or relocation of the transformer and aerospace portions of the General Electric empire.

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The mansion had been built in 1785 by one Henry Van Schaack of Kinderhook, NY and the main part of the present clubhouse is that original structure.The first golf course was nine holes and measured 3,240 yards.Two tennis courts were situated just north of the clubhouse where the first tee and putting green are located today.Longfellow, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Oliver Wendell Holmes.In the 1850's it was a stopover on the "underground railroad".

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