Psychology dating adolesence

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You should, as much as possible, let them learn from the results of their actions. Your teenagers can learn from them about things like how to fix the car, getting along with others, or ideas for future jobs.

Adolescents also need to be around other adults, both male and female. Finally, don’t worry if they want to spend time alone.

At the hospital or with the doctor, you might pick up information about what to feed them or how long they should sleep.

Later, school staff may remind you about the importance of talking and reading to your young children.

One of the first things they must do is to start making their own decisions.

You cannot say the same thing about learning to talk with teenagers (adolescents).Levinson (1978) focused on changing relationships and on exploration, while Erikson (1968) commented on intimacy and commitment to goals. Super (1963) indicated that exploring and crystallizing vocational choice are important to older adolescents and young adults. At the end of the study, some of the young people were interviewed. They were asked about factors that helped or hindered the post-high-school transition.

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