Riftpatch needs updating loop

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The changes to Chloromancer Veil were the last straw for me.You got me back, and paying in 4.0, only to lose me FOREVER in 4.1.This error is a legacy for people who installed carthage using the option (the primary installation method on the old docs)...installing homebrew with these directions will resolve the conflict between carthage installations.FYI: The Loop source code resides in Git Hub within a repository.Your MAIN_APP_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER is shown within that area.Don't forget to save your project after changing the MAIN_APP_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER. These will not be carried over automatically from the old app. If you get any build errors, please check this section for fixes.

Nobody that cant cheese the fights knows how they really work and so many groups break up. Specs not getting used because there is one spec that people want you to play because they dont do well.The only way I EVER return is if Keynes is FIRED and Chloro restored to the unique soul it was.Otherwise, Rift stays uninstalled and your chances of EVER getting me back go down with each month I get invested in another MMO. The Controller then showed the Play3 on the left pane with 2 red arrows for the icon (meaning it needs to be updated). IMPORTANT INFO, PLEASE READ Between Loop app builds, there's a high liklihood that Apple has updated one or more of the systems involved in your Loop app; your Apple Developer license agreement, your i Phone's i OS, your computer's mac OS, your Xcode app, and/or your watch OS.

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