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Once you get to know a specific larger woman better, you can ask her about her experience with past partners and try to right some of the wrongs those women have committed by treating her differently.A lot of the larger women I’ve dated (and I love bigger women too, although I’m more on the chubby side of average, so I don’t get the brush-off you’ve experienced) feel self conscious about their appearance.Some love their bodies the way they, are but others don’t.Wherever the larger girl you’re with is on that journey, she may project her own discomfort onto you i.e.

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Rubenesque is at the corner of Jefferson and La Salle streets in downtown Ottawa.

Be positive and genuine in your appreciation for her body, and take things slow while you build trust.

Once she sees that you really are turned on by her body (and her winning personality and mind, of course) some of that reluctance may fall away.

The name is a reference to the European artist Peter Paul Rubens, who was known for painting full-figured, voluptuous female nudes in the 1600s.

If customers are not plus size, the store can refer them to Partridge's other women's clothing store down the block, La Salle Street Boutique and Custom T's, 704 La Salle St., which sells smaller sizes."At one time, we had plus sizes in La Salle Street Boutique, but they didn't sell.

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