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They fall about laughing like courtiers hoping for favour.

That's not his fault, of course, but it still sticks in the throat like a particularly dry Yorkshire pudding.

The fact that during that century of racial purity, Yorkshire won the championship 29 times, way ahead of any other county, shows up a slight problem for tykosceptics: history is full of examples of Yorkshiremen achieving excellence.

But no one is accusing them of incompetence - Fred Trueman was one of the best bowlers in history; Parkinson was the apotheosis of chat show hosts; Lord Hanson has made millions buying big companies, breaking them up and selling them; Marco Pierre White whisks up a matchless feuilletee of roast rabbit with jus of coriander. No one is saying they're stupid (although a Yorkshire friend of mine, when I told him I was writing this piece, did recount the experience of his drinking pal who once had the white rose of Yorkshire tattooed on his arm.

With a few exceptions, it wasn't until Sachin Tandulkar, the young Indian batting prodigy, was signed a few years ago that the doors opened. For the last couple of generations there has been a vast pool of talent of Asian extraction which remains to this day untapped.

The county's excuse has always been: "Well, if they were good enough ..." but I refuse to believe that in all those thousands of aspirants not one has been good enough to wear the white rose.

"I would be happy to take anyone on one of my expeditions, with one exception," he said a few years ago.

"The only people I would not even look at are people from Yorkshire."The particular quality Fiennes was unable to stomach is the Yorkshireman's ability to bear grudges for all eternity.

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It's that useful "no one likes us we don't care" trick personified by Don Revie's Leeds United (a team of men who were tykes either by blood or inclination), their football brilliant and brutal in turn, founded on the us-against-the-world philosophy which Yorkshiremen seem to find essential in dealing with life.

Except somehow he managed to get the red rose of Lancashire instead.

Fortunately, tattoo-removing surgery is available on the NHS these days). The case for Raymond Illingworth to succeed the southern softie Ted Dexter as manager of the England team was based as much on his tyke qualities as his cricketing brain - unshakeable convictions, plain-speaking, all that back-to-basics stuff which is so often a smokescreen obscuring a determination to remain entrenched in received ideas.

But he could have taken his pick, really: a refusal to acknowledge any other point of view; an innate belief in his own infallibility and the superiority of tykes as a breed.

And, possibly the worst characteristic because it incorporates all the others, the way he wears his Yorkshireness like a uniform, or a suit of armour. In a week when Harold "Dickie" Bird, the umpire even cricket-haters have heard of, began his final Test match, it was difficult to keep the feet dry amid the waves of sentiment.

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