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Morin: Are there any requests that you’ve rejected? Morin: Do you believe that the concept of “realness” has become invalid? The happiness is not endless, but that doesn’t mean that it’s without value. It might have been a brief period, and she might know the truth now, but she had a meaningful experience at that time. Even if the people in the pictures haven’t been paid, everything is curated to such an extent that it hardly matters. Yuichi: The truth does have to come out eventually. Also a destination for the arts, Hot Springs features the Hot Springs Music Festival, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, and the Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival annually.

His 8-year-old company, Family Romance, provides professional actors to fill any role in the personal lives of clients. When she’s with me, though, she always asks, “Why do you have to leave now? The heaviness is different, but everywhere I go, I feel it—the responsibility. I find myself wondering, “Is this, now, the real me, or the actor? Usually, the husband will berate me, but because I appear to be a yakuza, he won’t pursue the matter further. Due to the popularity of the thermal waters, Hot Springs benefited from rapid growth during a period when many cities saw a sharp decline in building; much like Miami's art deco districts.As a result, Hot Springs's architecture is a key part of the city's blend of cultures, including a reputation as a tourist town and a Southern city.Money may not be able to buy love, but here in Japan, it can certainly buy the appearance of love—and appearance, as the dapper Ishii Yuichi insists, is everything. She talks about her relationship with her mother, she shares sensitive feelings, she opens up to me. Yuichi: I don’t allow it to, otherwise I would become self-conscious. Morin: I have a project collecting dreams, and often work is a common theme. Yuichi: I dream about my client—when she cries because I have to leave. Naturally, this can be difficult to arrange, because the man usually runs away. We use psychology to determine the optimal outcome. It’s not about having sexual relations, although some women have expected that. Yuichi: The women typically say that in a real relationship, you’re slowly building trust. It’s just easier to schedule two hours per week to interact with an ideal boyfriend. There are situations where parents pressure a daughter to marry—if she’s a lesbian, for example. As a man whose business involves becoming other people, Yuichi would know. Morin: Do you feel like you have a responsibility to the daughter, because of your connection to her now? ” In those instances, I feel very sorry that I’m faking it—very guilty. I know that it’s common for actors to feel that way. It’s agonizing to be alone and just think, “Is this really me, right now? Morin: How do you know that your family hasn’t been hired? In this case, the standard tactic is to make me look like a [gangster]. It used to be primarily women in their 50s, but now there are even more women in their 30s. Generally, the women just want to have fun with a younger man. So, they have an entire wedding, and it’s a fake wedding, except for the client’s family.

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