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The HP Spectre x360 13-w033tu 16Gb 1TB caught my eye, and the pricing at 99 was very competitive compared to the latest Macbook Pro's.The XPS range I don't think had an option for a 1tb SSD I don't believe.Please advise me the best time to call you to complete this transaction. Got the 13-w032TU for k and the 13-w033TU for .2k.I did purchase through my company, so it's a legit corporate purchase. I would be quite interested in the new models as well. The only thing that keeps on drawing me away from HP is the awful grey colour of the laptop.Grey is so dull, I don't understand why PC makers continue to insist on it... This email is in regards with your query about the HP Spectre x360 13-w032tu Touchscreen Notebook (Natural Silver) (Z4P65PA) if you can still get this product. I’m glad to inform you that you can purchase the HP Spectre x360 13-w032tu Touchscreen Notebook (Natural Silver) (Z4P65PA) via phone and I’d be more than happy to assist you with your purchase.Thank you very much Whirlpool, this has saved me 00 !!!! I had my heart 95% settled on the Razer Blade Stealth with Kaby lake because the design is beautiful (macbook like)...But I just checked in with HP and I'm also eligible for corporate price of 69 which is bloody RIDICULOUS value!!!

I've been using my HP Spectre i7/16Gb/1TB SSD for about a week now. It estimated I had 13 hours and 57 minutes of use available when fully charged.

If I am on the road I need 4 hours of charge available as I don,t intend on taking the charger with me.

I have been using it 2 hours at a time unplugged to test how quickly it drains. But yeah, it would be great if you could click the battery icon and see "8 Hours 41 minutes remaining". I was in the market for a new laptop, and was tossing up between the XPS 13/15 and the HP Spectre, and also the new Macbook Pro's (I can quite happily work with Windows or Mac OS).

I am waiting for my refund, the build quality of the i7/16GB/512GB model is not that great. Also found an issue that windows 10 won't tell remaining time left when running on battery.

I suspect they were in a rush to produce these 16GB/512GB models as I got mate who got his unit 2 days after he ordered it (i5 version) I also went to JB Hifi to checkout i7/8GB/256GB version and both the hinge and the touchpad are okay. Even with moderate usage (web browsing, couple of youtube vids) I'm getting down to 10% in about 4 hours. The battery icon shows the battery life % but no hours remaining.

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