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We have filmed ourselves many times but those videos will never show up online. It's because my lover is my thirteen year old son, Danny! Slowly but surely I sat up, my hands were covered in my juices as I pulled the toy out of me. The room had slow romantic music playing as they got nude. He climbed up; kissing her as he slowly pushed his manhood inside her, making her moan, "Ohhhh god Danny yessssss! Her hands were tied behind her back as he reached down, pulling her hair as he forced his cock deep inside her. Something made me click on my wish list and I gasped that everything on my list was bought and being shipped to me! Moaning like a whore as men tipped me and demanding more! If you were my mom I would be trying to see you nude every day! I mean no way a sexy thing like you would be single! As soon as my bare breasts and hard nipples were exposed the tips came flooding in. And I know you and I could have a very good time." "But... He quietly walked to her door, one eye looking back into his room and watching Jessica's show while keeping his ear to his mom's door. He quickly got back to his room and turned off his computer. As his mom would go out every night he knew the truth but decided to just keep acting like his mom's "meetings" were for job hunting. I am glad that it was locked out now because the large amount that was sitting there told me I didn't have to work for a good long time! As I logged in and the chat room loaded a thought came to me. As he walked into the bathroom he flicked on the light and saw that the bathroom was a gross filthy room with a toilet that looked like it could never be cleaned no matter how much bleach or cleaner you used! A shower was out of the question as even looking at the nasty tub made Danny feel like his feet was growing some kind jungle rot. He told them about his dad not wanting to feed him and then filming porn in the living room while he was in the other room.

= = = Chapter 1: The First Show I guess I could blame a number of things that lead me to where I am now. But thinking back to it I think the one thing that deserves all the blame was my former job and Benthour & Sons. I smiled at the cam, not even looking at the tips coming in. I'm going to log off a bit, clean up and get something to eat." I said kind of feeling like I was in a daze as I kept looking at the camera. His mom climbed onto the bed, her eyes glued to her son's throbbing member. I had to blush knowing that so many boxes filled with adult toys and outfits that maybe a woman my age shouldn't wear were on their way to me. " I moan before slowly pushing it in my pussy, watching my fans go wild as I pump it in and out of me as I reach for another one. I opened my eyes as I started to load up the camera and the chat room. I mean just in case my son ran in for some reason I wouldn't want to scare him for life! " "Shit you were my mom; you wouldn't be on this cam I would be fucking your brains out! " "If I was your husband I would have you nude all the time! " "Hey, if your hubby is cool with it, I would pay some token to watch you fuck him! I smiled, slowly rubbing and playing with them as I kept my sweat pants on. As Jessica rubbed and fingered herself more he could hear his mom though the door moaning, talking about licking every drop of her sweet pussy juice and how she needed her to make her cum! As soon as she was out of the house the site would be up and he would be praying to any pervert gods to grant his wish to watch his mom and her girlfriend on cam! But as I sat there I started to log into the cam site. I hadn't been in the chatroom for like almost a week. What if I loaded it up and saw that there was no one there? But after like two seconds the room was full and they were all missing me! I didn't really know what I was expecting in my mind really. Danny grumbled to himself as he got dressed and hid his other clothes in the living room. "You two swear to god both of you going to make me go crazy up in here! Of course he didn't say the bit about the girl in the video being an underage classmate. "Damn man, what man gets pissed about feeding his kid? We went over many things about how to go about a court case, how I needed to explain my job to a judge that would make me sound like I wasn't doing porn. If needed Danny would have to stay with my brother who thankfully lived on the other side of town. Maybe I thought the shower would calm him down and that maybe him being away would stop my own horniness. I sat there on the kitchen floor for a little while.

I had a decent office job that was just enough to squeak by bills and what not. Thanks to a series of lay offs I found myself out of a job. Here I was, a 38 year old woman with a teenage son and a husband who skipped town and was not going to pay any kind of support. Who hasn't stumbled on some hot video here or a sexy story there? I mean I was only two hours into my unemployment and I already sounded like I would have worked as a fry cook in some gross truck stop if it meant I would have gotten a couple bucks! I moved my hands away, showing the viewers at home that all 6 or so inches were inside me. "No..." She walked me though how to set up a wish list on the site. My eyes were closed tight as I worked the toy in my needy pussy! For a moment it was my dream again, except this time a bunch of the faceless men were on the bed with me! It was nice and romantic with soft music playing and candles lit all over. She smiles and kissed him more, wrapping her legs around him to keep him in place, making sure not a single drop escapes! Another thought came to the teen's mind: "I wonder if mom is going to do her shows while he was home during the week! Of course there was sex but very rarely would we do it on the cam site. I flipped through them that night I caught him but now I was laying on my bed nude, flipping though the pages. Now before you say anything, no I am not some kind of narcissistic freak who gets off on looking at me naked.

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I figured they just wanted to get their stuff out there because really who want to spend so much time at this place. Jessica just shook her head and laughed, sipping her beer. I always used Danny as an excuse but really I felt like maybe I would have been too old for the crowd she was with. I kept going, watching one woman drip hot wax on herself. I turned around, shaking my ass as I peeled my panties off. Of course they loved that idea as again the room was flooded with tips. = = = Danny sat in his room, his word program up on the screen and his headphones on. He had no report due the thing on the screen was something he did for school last year. He wore them in case his mom peeked in on him before going into her room. I know you said you like me but..." for some reason I started to feel upset. She would either smile or act like she didn't notice. A bunch of things that Jessica put on my wish list were costumes. They tossed money at us as they cheered and encouraged my son to fuck me! " "YEAH, SHOW HER THE ONLY THING SHE IS GOOD FOR IS BEING A FUCKING COCK SLEAVE! I think you need to plan your time better to not be late for class! Even though I wasn't wearing anything sexy I could feel his eyes on me, undressing me, fucking me with every step I took. Trisha was maybe fifteen years old and was very good looking. Danny scanned the room and noticed there was a video camera on a tripod and it was aimed at the couch. I could feel him move, wanting to fuck me right now. He looked upset for the moment till I stepped out of the shower. All he could do is nod as I grabbed my towel and quickly dried off. His cock throbbing for me as he climbed on top of me. "There is something things you need to do for me..." I started to say. I held him tightly, feeling his cock growing hard again. "You don't have to go right now..." I whispered, opening my legs to let him in me again.Far from it I know he would love to show my fans how much he enjoys my pussy! You are beautiful and..." I tried to think of a nicer way of saying this... My heart was pounding like a drum and my body felt like it was on fire as I made myself cum for thousands of viewers! My hand was soaked as I came the hardest I had ever cum! Danny tried to match his strokes with her movements. His mom stood before him, nude and with her hands on her hips. As we sat there and ate our breakfast I decided to ask Danny about what he was thinking about doing during his week off. I mean I do have a report to do but got most of it done during my computer class at school so all I have to do now is some touch up and rest of my time off I can just play video games! First there were many alerts about people adding me to friends and their watch list. What if that info causes one of the crazy ones to hunt me down or something! " "Susan, you have a room full of men who would marry you in a heart beat count me as one of them! I mean granted they may have been kissing up to me so I would get naked but hey! "Mmm you know those tokens will get this off sooner! The bigger tips were coming up very quickly as I started to pull the shirt up higher, my under boob showing. And right now the viewers loved what they were seeing. One night on one of these solo shows he heard his mom moaning and talking. I mean I was smart enough to lock my asshole ex from the checking account the day he decided to leave me. His dad must have gone to work Danny thought as he walked around the living room. Danny was about to say no but his stomach decided to take the moment to embarrass him.He wants to show them how he owns my holes and how much he can make me scream and cum again and again! My man showing the world how he can make me turn into the biggest cock hungry slut in the world just for him! When I was done I just laid there, trying to catch my breath as I heard the tipping chime going off over and over. In his mind some sexual scenes started to play out... They were franticly kissing and undressing each other. Again it was his mom's room but it was darker, almost dirtier as he saw himself fucking his mom from behind. There were so many I didn't really look though them. " I start to suck the black plastic cock while I worked the purple in and out. "What kind of fucking asshole would leave a beautiful woman like you?!?!!!?! " "Hey, you could be married to a couple hundred men at the same time right? I gave a sly smile as I pulled the shirt up the rest of the way. " Jessica leaned in and looked into my eyes, a sly little smirk formed on her face as she looked at me. I been with many girls close to my age but the best relationship I ever been in was with an older woman. She didn't have her show going but it sounded like something was going on. Suddenly his fuck dreams had a whole lot more fuel! He wasn't that smart and I had to laugh when about a week after he left me when he called demanding to know why his bank card was declined and he couldn't get into the account to get anything out! I was addicted to the people watching me, controlling me, turning me into this nasty slut who needs dick! He went to the kitchen and found the fridge was empty. He was only at this place for like 6 hours but he felt like he was covered in filth and grim. Soon Danny was eating a very good ham sandwich as he told Terry's parents what happened. " she said in a low voice even though we seemed like the only ones in that crappy bar. I do stuff while they pay me tokens and after a couple hours or so I log off and I get paid! Looking at Jessica I would have never guess she would do something like that! As he sat there and stroked his cock the bathroom door opened. As he walked in he bent down to look under the stalls to see if he could see any feet or any kind of movement. "Come on; hurry up unless you need to go to the nurse's office! Dawson said as he leaned back on the wall, his eyes watching the stalls. I tried to turn it on but sadly the batteries were dead and I didn't know if I had any fresh ones around. A part of me felt bad about not being able to take him on a trip or something but he assured me that it was okay, since I didn't have a job at the moment he didn't mind staying home. As the chat loaded the room quickly filled up with viewers, many who were around earlier. He kept pumping his hand up and down his cock as he wanted to cum with his mom! As soon as he saw his mom tense up he thought he could hear her muffled scream! I mean I wasn't really hurting Danny doing this kind of thing. I don't care if you keep doing the web shows or what not! "I can't stop you from watching my cam or jerking off to me. His mom walks in, shocked seeing her son jacking off. " She would have dropped to her knees and sucked him, letting him nut in her mouth before the real fun could begin. He must have jerked off this morning before going to school! "Long story short, I get naked and do things for viewers and they pay me! I have a laptop with a webcam I log into a website; I have fans who log in. He wanted to kiss and suck on her neck as he pumped in and out of her. This meant he had to make sure no one was running late or were trying to hide out somewhere to skip class. Danny froze, trying not to make any kind of sexual noise. In the stall Danny franticly pumped his hand up and down his cock, trying not to make too much noise as he kept thinking about fucking his mom from behind. As she was like this she soon started to rock back and forth. = = = I lay back on my bed, showing the viewers the toy I had. "Let me see you tomorrow, please." "Okay..." I whispered, shocked at myself for agreeing to see her. Danny would be home soon and I figured maybe not have another show today. He already planed on just sleeping in and playing video games. If I was going to get myself off I might as well get on the cam and make some money! Danny snapped a couple of screen shots of her ass up. " Danny growled pumping his cock faster and harder as he could see his mom was about to cum! There was a part of me that kept saying I shouldn't think about those kinds of things. But once again the "mom" part of me stopped that from happening. I don't know if that will ever happen." I slid the "issues" back towards him. He played out the "porn" version of the scene in his mind. But as he closed his eyes to try to sleep, he kept playing back how it really happened. Was I a bad mother for doing these things in my house with him being so close by? I mean I couldn't stop thinking about that beautiful cock going in and out of me. One day while Danny was in school I walked into his room. I knew those were his cum rags and some still had that heavy smell.

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