Silent dating london

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A concept that's swept through Britain's nightlife scene over the past decade and showing no sign of slowing down, silent discos are unique club nights, free of eardrum shattering speakers and run solely on wireless headphones.

Or is it about time that we put the i Phone down, take it back to basics and connect with someone on a more human level?

Georgie King, a 29-year-old freelance producer, visited a hippie community in Thailand that did exercises in getting to know someone through silence and found the whole experience to be rewarding.'At first I found the whole situation incredibly uncomfortable and my giggles showed this, but actually after a time you really begin to feel in some way connected to the other person.

Our intuition is often drowned out by so much noise that when you turn it off, whether it's real or not, you actually feel like you can *feel* what the other person is about.

Far from run-of-the-mill, the Otra Vista Social Club is a monthly silent disco full of surprises. restaurant in Clerkenwell and is run by a talented team of hearing impaired and deaf organisers.

Opening minds and testing out your body language skills, the team look to spread some vital knowledge by forcing guests to order drinks and meet/flirt using British sign language.

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