Sp3 an error in updating your system has occured

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Invalid Cast Exception exception when you run an application that calls the Server. Could not redo log record"924264 FIX: The metadata of the Description object of a Key Performance Indicator appears in the default language after you define a translation for the Description object in SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Development Studio926611 FIX: SQL Server 2005 may not send a message notification that is based on the specific string in the forwarded event when a computer that is running SQL Server 2000 forwards an event to a computer that is running SQL Server 2005926285 Fix: Error message when you convert a column from the varbinary(max) data type to the XML data type in SQL Server 2005: "Msg 6322, Level 16, State 1, Line 2 Too many attributes or namespace definitions"923624 FIX: Error message when you run an application against SQL Server 2005 that uses many unique user logins or performs many user login impersonations: "insufficient system memory to run this query"926493 FIX: Error message when you restore a transaction-log backup that is generated in SQL Server 2000 SP4 to an instance of SQL Server 2005: "Msg 3456, Level 16, State 1, Line 1.

A new upgrade for SCCM Current Branch is now available.

All SQLServer service packs are cumulative, meaning that each new service pack contains all the fixes that are included with previous service packs and any new fixes. If you know of a hotfix build or KB that we don't have listed here, please use the comments.

Cumulative Update; Cumulative updates contain the bug fixes and enhancements–up to that point in time–that have been added since the previous Service Pack release and will be contained in the next service pack release.

Most importantly, initiate a site backup before your upgrade.

In this post, we’ll be updating a standalone Primary Site Server, consoles and clients.

Until all sites in your hierarchy are upgraded, your hierarchy operates in a mixed version mode.

If you’re looking for a complete SCCM installation guide, see our blog series which covers it all.If you are on SCCM 1511, you won’t be able to install 1602, 1606 or 1610 after 1702.You can skip all previous versions and install SCCM 1702 directly which contains all 1602, 16 fixes and features.At console opening, if you are not running the latest version, you will receive a warning and the update will start automatically. You can see our SCCM Client version reports to give detailed information about every client version in your environment. You can also create a collection that targets clients without the latest client version.

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