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He said: 'It's (Piccadilly Gardens) is no longer the kind of place you go to, it's the kind of place you get out of.'Local office workers added the sight of people 'stumbling around in a zombie-like state was as common as someone selling coffee'.

Osman Riaz, 26, who works in Debenhams on Market Street, says he sees those affected by Spice all the time. At least one person who is zonked out, glazed over, not moving.'They look like they're dead. It's scary and it affects businesses because customers don't want to go in somewhere when there's people like that in the doorways.'Sadly though these people are hooked on it and desperate for it, and what's more it's a daily part of life.

'You get used to it, and now it seems no different than walking past someone selling the Big Issue or coffee.'Another man believed to have used the drug was pictured sitting against a lamppost with one of his shoes off.

Some have said the sight of Spice users in distress in Manchester has become 'as common as someone selling coffee'Paramedics, pictured, have been seen 'all around Manchester' dealing with Spice-related cases with residents complaining they do not want their children to see the effects of the drug on people in the city centre Colleagues Louise Partington, 35, added: 'I work late and have to get the bus by Morrisons.

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Pictures have emerged of people lying in city centre streets in the middle of the day 'turning blue' while others have been seen vomiting on themselves outside shops and businesses.

'Yesterday a guy dropped his pants and went to the toilet in front of me.

The poor cleaner from Debenhams had to come out and clean it up.'It's like it turns them into animals, they just don't care.'Kelly Andrews, who works at bakery, said she has had to clean up faeces from the phone box meters from the market before and that she regularly sees someone collapse and be taken away by an ambulance.

He asked me to come to the lab at midnight and my visit was very cloak and dagger. 'When I walked into the lab I was hit by this really strong wall of toxic aroma. There was a small office on the left and in ­another room there were barrel-loads.'With little interest in the drug itself in China, it is easier for producers to go about their business, but the anxiety is palpable due to dealing Class-A drugs being punishable by death.

The synthetic cannabis, which has been listed as a Class-B drug, has been sweeping the nation leaving users - many of whom are homeless' resembling 'zombies'.

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