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Ultimately, there are two keys to every swimmer’s heart: food, and excellent massage skills. Yes, it’s bizarre that we complain about all the meters we have to swim, and then still do it anyway, but we earned it. If you put them in a place where they have to choose between the sport they love and you, odds are pretty good you won’t like the answer. When we say we are too tired to hang out, we actually are. We don’t need you to obsess over the sport we love, nor do we want you at every one of our practices and meets (it’s great to have a non-swimming element in our life to provide balance, after all).

Swimmers can complain about the hours they put in, the lack of attention it gets compared to major sports, but you can’t hate on the sport. A nice leisurely 7am wake-up call is a luxury for your little swimming crush. This is the sacrifice that they have chosen to make.

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While the latter may be a tad more expensive, such clubs have their own socials, meets and events which are a virtual goldmine of dating opportunities.

Even if you cannot afford to join a swanky swimming club, make it a point to go for a swim at the public pool since this will offer more opportunities to meet the really serious swimmers who come to train.

Thus there is practically some aquatic action or other going on through the year; however who you can meet will depend on the kind of facilities and level of swim meets in and around your city.

Swimmers make great lovers The kind of physical action and endurance swimming demands, men and women good at this sport inevitably acquire lean, well-toned bodies.

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Weekdays aren’t much better either between unpacking and packing swim bags, homework, inhaling food and promptly passing out. If you plan on buying, don’t take us out for dinner without a sizable brick of cash in your wallet. (Here’s a tip: don’t make a face—whether you are impressed or disgusted—when we order seconds.

Either there is a swim meet, or we are catching up on sleep, eating, and sleep. If you are a guy who isn’t into girls who have muscles, or a girl who isn’t into guys whose shoulders are as wide as doorways, than hit the bricks. It includes a ten month log book, comprehensive goal setting section, monthly evaluations to be filled out with your coach, and more.

This season lasts from September to the end of March.

The long-course season takes place in 50-meter pools and lasts from April to the end of August.

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