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Plus, if you have up to 5,000 friends, you can invite all of them into one single group message!i OS, Android and Windows Phone users can install Telegram, as can those on Windows, Mac, and Linux.Whats App had 700 million monthly active users as of January 2015, and they're not just using the texting feature.Whats App also lets you post status updates, send video, share your location and make voice/video calls over the internet.The whole sign up process is very simple and straightforward, after which you can call phones, talk with friends and even meet totally random people from around the globe.

See all the different ways you can use Twitter on their apps page.

More » Google Plus is almost difficult to avoid since it's attached to Google's other services like Search, Gmail, You Tube, Google Play and Google Docs.

Plus, since they're so intimately intertwined, it's easy to find friends who already have an account.

All of your texts and phone calls are encrypted through Telegram and you can send absolutely any file type you wish (even large ones up to 1.5 GB).

This is totally unique to most messaging apps that just support image and video files.

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