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Can you answer the questions below: What are you trying to update in this case? I refreshed the page and returned to the product search list to see if it would catch up, but when I returned to the product again it was still showing 0.

I had to go back into the product to re-enter the stock level amount.

It worked the second time, but often it can take a couple of re-entries. Just updating stock levels is a painful process - although other edited details save, the stock levels usually do not until I edit another save the changes on another product.

Then today, it's much worse - I save changes in stock levels at all, until I havre open new tabs, refreshed pages and just done something else for a while and all the changes suddenly appear.

Their voices instill in us even more determination than ever to persevere in our effort to end child trafficking and exploitation, to make sure that all children have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful and joyful life. Listen to the children: “Every day, I scrawl in my diary all the pleasant things that happen to me here with Love146 so that when I’ll have my own child, I will share those experiences with them.

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The problem occurs when I need to add a new product/variant or update inventory. Also have this issue, our stock movements from the main warehouse are automated through the API so it took a while before it was noticed that the stock values were going out of sync. Scratch that looks like this issue has been going on for over 2 months? Our support team is just experiencing a backlog of tickets so we're playing catchup right now.How can the words of children inspire us and make us a little sad at the same time?What do we consider when we reflect on the lives of children who thank us for what many of us think of as commonplace, like shoes, and food, and treating young people with respect?Updating stock levels is becoming VERY time consuming and painful.Sadly, even refreshing pages and opening new tabs isn't solving anything and we are getting very frustrated that nothing is being done by Vend to address this quickly and efficiently!! I did notice that most of you folks didn't submit a support inquiry so I'll get that started for you.

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