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It has been six organized trainings every week, Daniel says. – I have a big collection of all the forests I have been in.In 1994, at the age of 11, he took part in his first race on his own. But I don’t have this map anymore, because every time I had a race in the same forest again, I put away the old ones, he says.-How often and how do you and Martin co-operate in training?-We live in different parts of Switzerland, so we do not train together regularly.This was an important step and success in my career and gave me a lot of motivation.As a second year senior he become third overall in the World Cup, and he got his first individual World Cup triumph. -It was a great day for me in the middle of London.At that time, I wasn’t yet able to win forest races on top level, but luckily there were sprints, and I managed to win my first WC race at the age of 22.

the secret to dating professional athletes and getting that ring-29

the secret to dating professional athletes and getting that ring-31

Hubmann has trained as a carpenter, and when he was younger he worked part time as a carpenter.He grew up as a cowboy on a farm with cows producing milk in Eschlikon TG, what is in the North East of Switzerland, 50 kilometers from Zürich. In Eschlikon he had a test loop just in the forest 300 meters away from the home._ There is quite a lot of forest around in Eschikon, mostly very steep and not very technical. My club OL Regio Wil and my coach Kilian Imhof have been very active and we had some years with a nice training group – Hubmann brothers, David Schneider and others.Not an orienteering family Daniel didn’t grow up in an orienteering family, but his uncle Jörg Hubmann was involved in the sport.-I started because of him, he gave me a lift to the races.

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