Toby mcguire dating

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A Local Habitation (March 2nd 2010, DAW) finds Toby still reeling from her return to fae society when her liege lord, Duke Sylvester Torquill, comes to her with a request she can't deny.His niece, January, lives in a nearby fiefdom called Tamed Lightning, and has stopped checking in.Late Eclipses (March 1st 2011, DAW) finds Toby still reeling from her encounter with Blind Michael, but beginning, gradually, to recover...a recovery that is endangered when an old enemy makes an unexpected appearance.Has Oleander de Merelands returned to San Francisco? And what part does the Queen of the Mists have to play in all of this?Her friends—the few friends she has left—call her Toby.

With time running out and enemies at every side, it seems like there's nothing that can't be risked, or lost, in the fight to make it out alive...

Taking Quentin, a teenage Daoine Sidhe courtier from Shadowed Hills, Toby heads for Tamed Lightning on what looks like a simple baby-sitting run on the surface, but underneath, has the potential to turn dangerous for everyone involved...

An Artificial Night (September 7th 2010, DAW) brings Toby into unavoidable, disastrous contact with the darker realities of the fae as Blind Michael, Firstborn son of Oberon and Maeve, begins claiming the children of the Mists as his own...including several that Toby considers to be essentially family.

Ashes of Honor (September 4th 2012, DAW) picks up in the aftermath of the conflict with the Undersea.

Toby's life has changed forever, and she's still trying to figure out how she's going to deal with what she can't deny.

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